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The mission of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Genetic Research Foundation is to develop significant resources for basic and applied health programs, with emphasis on canine genetics to improve the quality of life for dogs and their owners.

The purpose of the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Genetic Research Foundation is to raise sufficient money to initiate  research projects keyed to identifying the specific genes that cause the heritable conditions leading to Protein Losing Enteropathy, Protein Losing Nephropathy, and other deleterious familial conditions that affect our breed.

The research will be conducted at a facility selected by the  the members of the board of directors of the SCWT GRF, with special direction by Dr. Neil O'Sullivan, board member, geneticist. Dr. O'Sullivan will also act  as our liason with AKC-CHF.

The SCWT GRF is a non profit organization. All funds collected are for the specific purposes stated above. The board of directors of SCWT GRF are volunteers and accept no remuneration for participation in the fund's efforts.
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Click below to go to Research News!  Very important news concerning the DNA/PLN research.  With information on the DNA-Swab project.
It is very important that everyone, breeder or pet owner, participate in the DNA swab program.  Pet owners, the testing can be completely no cost to you!
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